So far we have had a very weird winter. We have had a bit of snow early on. The rest has been hit or miss. Don't let that fool you or even jinx us. We still have a good two months until we hit spring and even that doesn't guarantee we won't have winter here in the Texas Panhandle..

So count yourselves lucky if you haven't experienced any winter related injuries yet. They can still come so let me warn you the most common ways we get hurt. Of course leading the way is we are just accident prone and the sidewalks are icy. That combination doesn't help us. So slips and falls are the #1 way we get hurt.

Then if you can imagine cooking-related injuries are next on the list. I get that as I look at my wrist on my right arm. I am looking at that burn from grabbing something out of the oven and yeah......burning myself in the process.

We also can hurt ourselves in the decorating process or even the tear down. Hopefully we are all through that by now. Another big injury factor is when we have to shovel snow. My back just hurts thinking about that. Oh and so is the rest of my body. Let's face it we use muscles during shoveling that we may not have used in awhile.

One of the things not addressed in the survey is winter activity injuries. Such as how people hurt themselves skiing or snowboarding.

A total of 25% of us have had to deal with a winter related back injury in the past. Only 21% of us have had a pain in the neck and 18% have dealt with achy knees. Have you ever injured yourself one of these ways? Or even another way during the winter? Comment below.

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