So I just took a trip to visit my daughter and I flew. So it got me to thinking about the water on planes. Now I am not talking about the water you get to drink when they come around on their carts.

That water is bottled and causes no issues. The water we are talking about is the other water you may come into contact with.

If you drink coffee or tea you should really stop doing that. Oh and instead of washing your hands in the airplane bathroom you would be better off using hand sanitizer. Why is that?

Researchers found that only 3 of the major 11  airlines in this country have water onboard their flights that is safe to drink. Again I am talking about the water in their system....not the bottled water.

I know it's not something you want to think about....and I already know this could make travelling even more unpleasant but come want to know all the facts. So just to play it safe....don't drink the coffee or tea. Also keep that bottle of hand sanitzer nearby. Just trust me on that.


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