Shaking hands have become such a natural part of how we have done business. For years and years that was how we have greeted people. The past few weeks have told us that needs to stop.

If someone walked up to you right now and went in for a handshake what would you do? Have you had that awkward moment yet? I have a couple times and I always seem to laugh it off and go in for a fist bump. How about you?

I did slip last weekend. I wasn't even thinking about it. I ran to Market Street to get corned beef and cabbage for my St. Patty's meals this past Tuesday....I ran into a friend I have not seen in years.....I did what I always do in that situation. I went in for a hug. I feel that is even worse. I didn't even think about it until later on.

We are just so use to shaking hands or hugs. It's a tough one to break but we really do need to be more diligent. That is a quick and easy way to spread any sickness. I know you have to though than touch your face but really how often to you knowingly do just that. That too is so hard to stop. So washing our hands has to be priority one.

So if someone comes up to shake your hand would you shake their hand? Women are actually more likely to say "No way." In fact 50% of us would stay away from that. Just 40% of men would refuse.

Of course the elderly are the ones that are more at risk right now and they are the group most likely to say that they would refuse to shake someone's hand.

What can we do instead? A fist bump seems to be the most common. I have heard talk of elbow bumping...the only problem with that as we have been told to cough or sneeze into our inner elbow. So is that just causing more trouble? Do we just say hello and nod knowingly? This is such a strange time we are now in.

What do you do instead of shaking hands? Comment below.

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