Wow. This is something I wished was a thing when my daughter was born. I don't know how many times I had to load her up into the car and drive around just so she could fall asleep.

Oh and then I had to hope that when she did fall asleep and I got her back home that she would stay asleep. Stay asleep while grabbing her from the car and taking her out of the car seat. Oh and then I had to be extra careful as I was laying her in her crib. If not then I had to start the process all over. Let's just say she was a little high maintenance.

So now there is this great new option. Oh and its even free to use. You read that right. Scientists in the UK worked with a music producer and they created music that simulates the driving sounds that could put your kids to sleep.

We all thought that the vibration of the road helps and it does a little. The hum of the engine plays a big part. Here is the kicker....the music doesn't sound like a car engine at all.

So they took a bunch of car sounds, including the hum of the engine and the sounds of the air conditioning. They mixed that with ambient music and a combination of white, pink and brown noise. So basically with all of that you hear more of the music and the car sounds are really subtle.

So the whole thing is a combination of 15 minutes of music to calm your baby and put them to sleep. This will keep you from throwing them in their seat and into the car. You can find the song on Spotify. Just do a search for Tom Middleton Dream Drive. Let me know if it helps. Comment below.

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