I guess I can understand. Well maybe. I have never been that girl who LOVES shoes. I mean I wear them. I own them. I am not Carrie Bradshaw and have to have all these fancy name brand shoes. I sure won't spend the money on them.

Now my mom and daughter, on the other hand, love shoes. I guess it skipped a generation. I am OK with that. So with that being said I guess I don't get when ladies will wear shoes no matter how much they hurt.

It may be that you ended up buying the wrong size....but you paid the money for it so you are wearing them. I see ladies at work and I can tell their feet hurt. You can just tell by the way they are walking or the look of pain on their face.

So how long does it take for that pain to totally go away? According to a new survey the average person takes on average three and a half days for those feet to completely stop hurting.

Now on average people still wear those uncomfortable shoes at lease twice a month....so that really starts adding up. It takes more than twelve weeks of recovery time in a year. Just think about that. That is an entire three months.

Why do we keep wearing them if they are the wrong size and we know they are going to hurt? The answer is because they like the style so much. Some ladies even have "sit down only" shoes. You know the ones that you will only wear while sitting down....there is NO WAY they can actually be worn to walk in. Ouch is all that I am thinking as I write this.

Do you have a pair of shoes you still wear even though they kill your feet? Comment below.


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