I always have friends coming up to me at work asking if I have Tylenol or an aspirin they can have. They are in pain and want some relief. I get it. Well, ok, really I don't. I never carry any pills like that on me.

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I never get headaches. I know I am really pretty lucky. If I have a pain that needs some attention I go to the chiropractor. I really try not to take much medicine. Now that has changed due to my elevated blood pressure. OK.....let's call it what it is. My high blood pressure. So I went from taking daily vitamins to now 2 or three pills I have to take for my blood pressure. That really has been a bit tougher one me. Remembering to take them. I am not used to needing any kind of pills. Oh yes even that Tylenol for a headache.

I get it. I have lots of friends who will get a migraine every once in a while. I feel for them. If I get a headache it may be once a year.....if that. So reading this study that says taking Tylenol can make you want to take more risks. Wow. Maybe that is why I am not much of a risk taker. Why, though, is that the case? Why are you more willing to go ziplining or bungee jumping if you have some acetaminophen in your body.

It doesn't scream out one of those "Ah huh" moments. I mean really. Apparently there is something in Tylenol (or acetaminophen) that makes you less worried about the risk. So maybe my lack of taking Tylenol is what is keeping me more grounded....less of a risk taker.

Well I mean I have repelled off of the Santa Fe building in Downtown Amarillo so my life is not all boring. I guess. Just more headache free.





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