We all know that our Thanksgiving's don't necessarily look the same way that they have in the past. We get that we have to make some changes. What are you doing this year? Every choice comes with some sort of risk.

So let's look at our options and see how risky they could be. Are you having just a small and intimate dinner inside your own home? Especially with people you have seen all year? Well that is pretty low risk. So kudos if you are doing that or even dropping off food to other people. I mean making sure it is no contact, of course. Dropping off food on the front porch. Bringing a plate to a family member or a co-worker. Oh and as you are leaving sending them a text or even calling them. They will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

There are some riskier choices. If you decide that you are going to invite a few family members and friends over but have the food outside. It is still riskier than having a small intimate gathering. It is still doable as long as you all socially distance. Even bigger kudos if you have plates dished up and wrapped already to save all the hands touching the utensils. Or maybe you have a serving line. That way not everyone is touching everything.

Then there are riskier choices that we don't encourage. Some will still choose these options. Of course, I am talking about the larger indoor gatherings and dinners. The Thanksgiving options we had last year. This year is nothing like years of past. Oh and if we all leave on Friday to do a lot of shopping in those crowded stores that is discouraged too.

So let's all make smart decisions and stay safe this Thanksgiving.

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