I get it we are all learning new stuff. We are trying to figure out just how much hand washing we need. We also have to stay away from people. That is tough because we are social creatures. We just are.

Now more than ever we need to abide by this 6 ft rule. I feel a lot of us get this. I witnessed a customer at PetSmart on Soncy on Friday that just didn't get it. She didn't get near me but she did to a very elder lady. You know the ones we need to help the most. I wanted to say something. I did want to...she was not near me. The elderly lady was checking out and this twenty something year old was all up in her business trying to pick out a dog tag that she could make for her new dog. I get you are excited. You don't know that you didn't just pass the virus on. Stay away from people.

Fine, if you don't want to wear a mask. We can't make you....but don't get all up in someone else's bubble right now. Don't be that selfish. I was appalled.

So what do the experts suggest you do?

Well you should speak up. Especially if you were that elderly lady. The one that is in that higher-risk group. She could have kindly asked that young whipper snapper to get out of your space. Ask her to take a few steps back. I have never witnessed someone so oblivious or so close to someone they didn't know.

Another happy way to get along is to not get angry. I felt myself getting that way but I pulled back. I knew I wouldn't change her mind on her selfishness but she could have at least stepped away.

When someone is not wearing a mask or getting too close to someone we need to maybe give them the benefit of the doubt. I mean all of these rules are changing so often. Who knows what is the new guidelines right now.

Maybe positive reinforcement is what we need right now. When someone is being courteous we just thank them. Smile.....move on. Nod. Whatever is needed. We need to all be able to be safe in this time of uncertainty.


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