We always want a perfect morning. A way to start your day off right. That pretty much guarantees a pretty good day ahead. Right?

There was a survey asking us what we need to ensure that perfect morning. Topping the list is coffee. Over half of the people said it was actually essential. Are you a coffee drinker? I am not. So I would be in that minority.

Other things that help you have that great morning and day is a good breakfast. You need that fuel to get you through the morning. You haven't had anything since probably dinner last night. So you need something to give you the energy.

A lot of people also think it is essential to get some exercise in. Don't you feel much better after an early morning work out. You seem to be able to face anything that may be heading your way just a little better.

Other things that made the list is listening to great music. Yes I find if I hear my favorite song on the way to work in the morning....it really puts me in a great mood. Do you have the same experience?

Others need to watch or read the news so they can be on top of things before they leave the house. You don't want to be that person at work who has no idea what everyone is talking about. If you catch up on the news you will be in the know.

What do you need to start your morning off right? Did it make this list? If not what would you add? Comment below.


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