You want your day to start of great. I mean that is a no brainer. How often have you gotten up in the morning and you are all groggy. Do you know what can help that not be an issue anymore?

How about waking up to music. I mean that sounds heavenly anyway.When you do you wake up more alert than you do when you hear that ol' blaring sound of an alarm. The funny thing is when researchers decided to find this out they really expected the total opposite.

Their thinking was that the sudden jolt of sound would make them more alert but that wasn't the case at all. It seems that hearing that repetitive beeping sound will actually mess with our brainwaves right when we are trying to wake up.

If you wake up to music which is a combination of melody and rhythm we have a much better chance of being more alert. We want to look for a song or type of music that has high melodic songs.

The best thing is that you can set your alarm to just play a specific song everyday. Or even better download our app:

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You can use our alarm feature and you can wake up to music every single day. Give it a try and see if you start waking up more alert. It's free and we have research to back it up.


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