OK....I guess this is something I never thought about. I mean I feel that I am almost obsessive compulsive about this. I have a problem.  I may wash my hands a bit too much.

I know there are good things about that. I mean you have less of a chance to get sick as much as other's. I mean clean hands are the first step to fight off the garbage. I know we joke about noticing whether people out in public, or even at work, wash their hands.

Sometimes you even notice the repeat offenders. Did you know that there was a survey done about washing your hands at home after using the restroom. I really thought if you washed your hands everywhere else then at home would be a no-brainer.

Out of the 25,000 people that were surveyed apparently only 58% of people wash their hands WITH soap after using the restroom at home. I don't like those stats at all. Makes me think twice about shaking hands with someone. I mean I don't want to be that person but it is gross.

So 58% say they ALWAYS do. Those are the people I was to surround myself with. Another 35% said they do wash with soap sometimes. The people I do want to avoid are the 4% who say they rarely do and the 1% who never do.

Apparently it is the younger people under the age of 35 who were about twice as likely to say nope they never wash their hands. I don't get that. I was raised to wash my hands and I am proud to say I do.


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