It's a new week and you are ready to face whatever is thrown at you. Does this feel accurate?

You get to work and just start powering through stuff you have to get done at work. So you just start chugging away. I mean you are really working. Not just half working through the stuff. You don't even have time to goof off.

You are just really being productive. What day of the week do you think they consider you to be the most productive. If you are one of those feeling like you are getting more done today....well you are not alone. Monday's are the most productive day of the week. Everyday after you will see your productivity go down after that.

Most people also find that they are  more productive early in the morning. It also seems to go down as the day progresses. So with this logic the most productive time of the week is early on a Monday morning.

Only 2% of feel more productive at lunch. Really? Who feels productive at lunch. I mean unless it's you actually feel productive chowing down a sandwich and chips. Some people, but not much, feel more productive in the early afternoon. I just know that all I want to do is just take a nap. So that counts me out.

When do you feel most productive? Is it early on a Monday? Or is there another time that works better for you? Comment below.


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