It's a constant struggle. Keeping your place and life clean. Some of us care. There are some that really don't.

Here is the constant plight of the clean freak versus the slob. Can they co-exist? They can and they do. Is it easy? Is anything really?

Here is the crazy thing. Did you know that people who keep their stuff clean end up being much happier. Apparently a super clean person is much more likely to be living a happy life.

Super clean people also tend to like their jobs more than those messy people. Even your love life can play a role. Clean freaks are more likely to be happy in their relationships than the slobs.

Clean people tend to have a sunny disposition. They are less stressed in life. Messy people are actually almost twice as likely to be stressed out.Is the stress because they can't find anything? Could that be part of it?

Walk into someone's house and take a look at it. Is it clean? A total mess? Then think about their personality. Does that tend to make sense. Do they seem more or less stressed?

Look at your life. Are you a neat freak or a mess? Do you think the survey holds true in your life? Are you more or less stressed? Do you think you keep your home or desk clean and that tends to make you happier? Or are you happier because you keep it clean?

What do you think? Comment below.


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