I know I always dread going to the dentist. When I don't leave in pain it is a good day. Then there is the dreaded question about flossing. I am honest, I actually floss when I can remember.

It's not like I am against flossing. I know it is important. By the time I get done brushing and using mouthwash I am running out the door. I totally run out of time or forget. According to a new Tik Tok video that is making its rounds we may be doing the whole order wrong anyway.

Once I watched it I thought that "heck this makes a lot of sense." So most of us brush then floss and use mouthwash. That is what a lot of people do. It may not be the best order for our mouths.

In theory it is better to use mouthwash first then floss and at last brush your teeth. Is anyone doing this already? If so, kudos to you. Here is the reasoning behind it. Feel free to ask your dentist or dental hygienist if they agree. Oh and let me know their answer.

If you brush first and then rinse with mouthwash you end up washing away all the fluoride that your toothpaste just provided for you. That fluoride is highly important to keep the decay away from your teeth.

You should floss before you brush so that you get all of the food particles out from between our teeth. The toothbrush and paste takes care of the rest. So the correct way to take care of the health of your mouth is to:

  1. Rinse with mouthwash first.
  2. Follow that up with flossing your teeth
  3. Finally brush those teeth. It is best to do this for at least 2 minutes.

After you are done you may be tempted to rinse your mouth out. It is best not to.You, again, want to give your fluoride some time to work.


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