You go in to the dentist and they ask you how often you floss. You may admit how you don't floss as much as you know you should. Does this seem familiar to you? I know I get asked that every time. I have gotten better at it. I at least try to remember a few times a week. That, I feel, is making huge improvements.

Dentists try to get you to floss for the health of your gum line and your overall oral health. It's important. I know that. Sometimes I admit it I just forget to get that one step done.

Well how about learning that a great way to boost your memory is to floss your teeth every day. I feel that dentist and orthodontists are applauding everywhere with this.

 Plaque buildup ends up causing an immune reaction that attacks arteries and makes them unable to deliver vital nutrients to the brain cells. So the plan of attack? Grabbing that floss and removing that plaque as much as you can.

Not only will your brain be able to comprehend things may make your next cleaning a little more pleasant for you. It will lead to less scraping and bleeding. Oh and it will make answering that flossing question a lot easier.

I will have to admit just the thought of all that extra cleaning ends up  leaving a bad taste in my mouth. See what I did there?

So grab your floss and get on your way to an overall better state of health for your mind and mouth.



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