My daughter and I decided to do some clothes shopping the other evening. When we got done we decided to grab some dinner.

I had a gift card from Chili's so I suggested going there. I also saw that they had a new burger I just wanted to try. The Queso Burger. Doesn't that just sound fabulous?

Well it was! It is a burger topped with white queso, crunchy tortilla strips and pico. Yes it was heaven. The crispiness of the tortilla strips paired with the queso and pico was just what I was looking forward

My daughter also talked me into getting us both a drink. She wanted us to try the Hennessy's Harvest. It had both Tequila and Hennessy. We both enjoyed that as well. It's nice having a child I can go and have a drink with. I miss her being young but there are also some perks to her being grown.

We can go shopping, try new drinks and food together. If you are looking for a really good burger you need to get to Chili's and try the Queso Burger. You will not be disappointed.

Chili's has two locations in Amarillo - 3810 E I-40 and 5016 S Coulter.

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