We're coming up on a day that can make or break your relationship. Spend too little, and you're cheap. Spend too much, and you're reckless. Proceed with caution or find yourself single on February 15th.

Valentine's Day is one of those made-up events that we participate in because we have to. Flowers are expected along with a nice dinner somewhere expensive. It's our annual celebration of love that could cost you dearly, if you ignore it, or overindulge it.

Did you begin dating someone in November? Christmas was too soon for an engagement ring but maybe...Valentine's Day.

Maybe it's flowers and dinner for you two. Are you ready for roses or is it still too early in the relationship? Perhaps petunias this year.

How much should you spend? Spend too little and you'll pay later. Spend too much, and you might frighten off your "soul mate." Wallethub conducted a survey that could save you some grief or Valentine's Day.

1. 46% of people would break up with their significant other if he or she spent irresponsibly. Maybe it's too early for two dozen roses. Or a Fiat. Or a ring Elizabeth Taylor would be impressed by.

2. Women are 33% more likely than men to spend $0 on a Valentine’s Day gift. Men are two times more likely than women to spend over $100. Face it guys, this one is on you. It's the day men step up. Think birthday, but add the pressure of every woman in the country, celebrating the day as well.

3. Men are over three times more likely than women to think a Valentine’s Day gift is worth going into credit card debt for. We're back to that ring expectation thing again. Will he or won't he?

4. 53% of people would not marry someone with bad credit. How do you ask someone about this? Do you run a credit check?

Americans will spend 7.6 BILLION this Valentine's Day on jewelry, flowers, and candy. Nine million proposals will take place on Valentine's Day. Not everyone is going to say yes.

Cupid is coming. Get your wallet ready but don't spend too much. Or not enough.



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