When my daughter comes to visit we always go on a shopping spree for groceries. I am a mom that wants to send her home with a refrigerator/freezer full. I know I don't have to but I am a mom. It's my job.

When she was here recently I suggested going to Market 33. I had not shopped there yet. I am not even sure why I have waited so long. I said let's try it out. Checking out a new store is great.

They offered some of the items I really wanted. They have rolls of 1 lb turkey meat and that is always one of my must haves. They did not have the bread my daughter always gets. So that was disappointing but I can't expect to always get what I want.

I told my daughter about their wine tasting room which is pretty unique. When we went to check out the cashier asked if I was part of their rewards program and I informed her that this was my first time shopping there. My daughter ran off because I reminded her of one item she forgot to grab.

While she was gone and the cashier was scanning my items I noticed that they had two different kinds of plastic bags. I noticed that much but wasn't sure if there was a reason. I should have asked but I thought well maybe I would hear that was just what they did. Nope, that wasn't true.

When we left the store my daughter even commented on them having blue and white plastic bags. She too had no idea. Then a week or so later I discovered the reason and thought it was really "cool".

I saw a post from Market 33 that explained:

Ever been in a rush after buying groceries? Looking for your refrigerated items to put away? Now you can find all of your cold items ASAP!

Upon looking closer at the bags the blue ones actually said "cold stuff" on the bags. Not sure how I missed that but wow I thought that was really cool. Pun intended. That would have made my unpacking much easier.

credit: Market 33
credit: Market 33

We were unloading car and bringing some bags in....if I had realized that was how they were bagged up we would have left all the white bags in the trunk of her car for the drive home.

I, of course, had to call my daughter and let her know. She said yep, now it all makes sense. What a great idea. I love this!

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