We have started carrying hand sanitizer with us a lot more than we used to. We may have a bottle at work. We may have another one in our purse. We have even started keeping some in the car. We want to make sure we are always prepared.

We run to Market 33 to get some groceries on the way home and we want to make sure we squirt some hand sanitizer as soon as we get in the car. Anywhere we go we want to wash up. Of course the temperatures here in the Texas Panhandle can fluctuate on a daily basis. We know that.

What do we do if we get back into the car and notice our hand sanitizer is frozen? Well the first thing you need to do is  throw it away. I know that seems like not a good idea because it is so hard to come by but trust me do it.

Most hand sanitizers have alcohol in it and it takes a lot to freeze alcohol. So if it doesn't than there wasn't enough alcohol in it to be effective. Which is why throwing it out is the best solution.

I know there was talk in the summer about not keeping sanitizer in the car because it may get too hot to explode. I did it anyway. I still have it in my car and never thought about it freezing. So at least now I know that shouldn't ever happen. So right there in my car in the cup holder is where I will keep it.

I know I will be driving to Dallas to see my daughter for Christmas and I will be stopping a few times on the way. I am happy to know my hand sanitizer will be there to help me on my way.

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