I was busy getting some work done at my computer when I heard a ding come through Facebook messenger. It was not from someone on my friends list so I had to accept the message. I did because I recognized the name.

It was Amanda Surber, if you haven't been following the drama, up until this weekend she was Amanda's Cafe. This cafe was relatively new but has been really drumming up the business. The only advertisement I saw was Amanda on the restaurant pages letting us know way before they opened that they were to soon be a thing. She let us know that they were going to be opened twenty-four hours. Oh and she would post about their daily specials.

She was trying to make this a success. It all got ripped away from her Sunday morning around 1:30am after she had been working for eighteen straight hours. That is when her then boyfriend, Steven, let her know she wasn't needed anymore.

When she first messaged me she wanted me to know that she saw my earlier story. Amanda also assured me that Steven is her EX boyfriend. I had to know. She also said

It's crazy how stuff went down after they kicked me out, they then started trespassing all old employees. They told my son to go get his check so they could trespass him. They told him that he wasn't getting his check. He went to go look for my partner and six people jumped him.

So Amanda's son was jumped because he wanted to pick up his check? The check he didn't end up receiving until the police had to get involved. This seems all kinds of wrong. That is not all that seems wrong in this situation. According to Amanda:

I know they did payroll ileagly (sic) yesterday they paid cash, no taxes taken out and no pay stubs. They shorted some people hours and money.

I really hope things turn around for Amanda, she was done dirty. She just wants them exposed for what they have done. I get that. I really do hope she gets a new place and is able to put this drama behind her. I really feel her heart is in what she does. I also think Steven doesn't have one.


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