For about six months out of the year, you can find me and one of my best friends doing a lot of walking around Amarillo. You will know it is us because we are wearing bright pink. Heck, you have probably already seen us walking around town and didn't even know it. Now, we hope you will start paying more attention because this is a cool deal.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

We start our walks from Market Street and the number of miles we need to go will determine where we go towards. Our walks always take us down the access roads of I-40 West. We also usually end up walking down 34th Street. You will usually see us heading down Western and Olsen/Paramount to 26th, coming back to Market Street.

Why are we walking all over Amarillo? Well, my friend is training for a 60 Mile Susan G Komen Three Day Breast Cancer Walk. This year, she will head to San Diego towards the end of this month to participate. If you want to donate to this cause, check it out HERE. So literally she will be walking 60 miles in three days.


credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

So, Why Am I Walking With Her Anyways?

Well, I walk with her to get me some exercise and to support my friend. When we are walking around Amarillo so often and for so long, we need a little help in entertaining ourselves. So we count things. We count how many people honk and wave at us. The more who know about us counting honks, the more they do just that when they see us.

We count the money we find on the ground. Oh, and we find a lot. We count Slug Bugs, because we just always have. The past few years we started to count Dodge Calibers. That was a car that I had long ago that I really loved at the time. I have noticed there are a lot of them when we are walking in Amarillo. Sometimes our Dodge Calibers number is actually close or more than our Slug Bug numbers.

Here is a Dodge Caliber if you are wondering.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

We also find a lot of crazy things on the sidewalks, roads, grass areas, just about everywhere in Amarillo. I am amazed at some of the stuff we find.

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