When you think about Amarillo, you think of a great city, a great place to live, a great place to raise a family.  However, every day you hear about another crime that happens here, a robbery, a shooting or stabbing, swat is call out, a car is broken into again.  It seems that the crime rate is going higher and higher.  Unfortunately, it is, and a report put together by Darrow Law Firm in Houston, confirms that Amarillo makes the top #10 of the Most Dangerous Cities in Texas.

photo of a fresh crime scene

Amarillo ranked #6 in their list of the Most Dangerous Cities in Texas.

According to Darrow Law Firm - Here are the top 10 cities in Texas for All Violent Crimes

1. Odessa
2. Beaumont
3. Houston
4. Lubbock
5. Dallas
6. Amarillo
7. Waco
8. Corpus Christi
9. Killeen
10. San Antonio

This list is an eye opener.  Amarillo has more violent crime than San Antonio and is ranked just under Dallas.

To break it down further, Amarillo was ranked #3 for rape, #4 for robbery, #7 for aggravated assault, and #15 for murder.

The only positive note (if you can call it that) is, Amarillo was ranked #5 last year and we moved down to #6 this year.

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