I don't know about you, but I find myself saddened at the amount of long time local businesses in Amarillo closing their doors for good.

It seems to be an epidemic.   Not only are huge companies closing up shop, but great long time local businesses are going away as well.

In the last year we have seen so many announcements from local businesses closing their doors.

Charlie's Furniture - Closing due to retirement

Duncan and Boyd - Closing due to retirement

Buck's Sporting Goods - Closed retail shop

Taste Dessert Bar - Closing to explore other options

Kidspace - Closing soon.

Hastings - yes this was a big business, but the main distribution center was based right here in Amarillo.

This is troublesome, most of the above businesses have been in Amarillo over 20 years, some over 50.

It's sad to see the decline.  What is causing the decline?  I'm going to speculate, most of the above is due to retirement by the owners, some declining sales, but a lot have to do with not shopping local.

I'll be honest, I'm a bargain shopper, if I can find it cheaper somewhere else, that's where I go.  Unfortunately, I'm not alone in this and it's starting to show.

I'm guilty of not shopping local.  I may be a part of the problem.  We all want our local businesses to thrive, but if we continually give our business to online stores, etc, they won't.

Why is it we aren't supporting our fellow Amarilloians in their businesses.

Our city has even seen the drop in local shopping.  That's why before the holiday season they kicked off their Buy the Way: Keep it Local campaign.  The campaign was a way to remind us to shop local and dine local to support our local businesses.

What is the main thing that keeps you from shopping local?  I decided to take to social media and ask why you aren't shopping local.


Tiffany - I shop local as much as possible but if it’s something I would have to go to multiple stores to hunt down I look for it on Amazon. I hate shopping!


Becky - Living 40 miles away from the nearest town, it’s just easier to do online and have it delivered. Plus no road construction to deal with


Renee - Some of the local stores are high priced


Sherry - Price and convenience. I can go to Walmart and get everything thing I need there. And now with the savings catcher I do not have to drive around for deals. It makes it so much easier. I love supporting local businesses but money is tight right now.


Ashley - Prices.... Unfortunately, but true.

With so many people without disposable income and those on a tight budget, it is hard to shop local, becuase most of the prices are more expensive.  Unfortunately that is the ugly truth.  However, when you can, support our local businesses, whether it be restaurants, boutiques, etc.

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