Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said that the company plans to raise the minimum wage for all Starbucks employees to at least $15 an hour over the next two to three years. However some locations will do so immediately.

“As we always do, we will continue to explore what more we can do to provide compensation and benefits in support of our partners,” Johnson said.

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Starbucks will raise wages by at least 10% starting Dec. 14, along with a starting salary increase of 5% across the board, 30% of Starbucks store-level employees company-wide would be bringing home $15 an hour.

Starbucks baristas have been pushing for a minimum wage increase and a petition to change the Starbucks hourly wages to $15 currently has nearly 10,000 signatures on President-elect Joe Biden has also promised to raise the national minimum wage to $15 an hour.

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This all comes as Starbucks plans to close an addition 100 locations in 2021. The company has lost nearly 1.2 billion dollars in sales during the pandemic. There were 400 store closures that began last summer. However Starbucks chief financial officer Patrick Grismer noted in an investor event that he is “as optimistic as ever” about the company’s growth model and said that they plan to grow to 55,000 stores worldwide by the year 2030, a number that is “currently unmatched” by any other food and beverage company. Starbucks’ net unit growth target will be 6% annually by 2023-2024, he added.

“Our growth at scale agenda is compelling and we’re increasingly differentiating Starbucks by catering to customers in ways they prefer, from drive-thru lanes, to-go and delivering to wherever they are,” Grismer said.

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