Can I plead with you a bit on this? Mow your lawn. Please. Please. Please. If you own a home or rent one with a lawn please take care of it. Nothing is worse than driving around the neighborhoods and seeing those people who are not taking care of what they own.

I get it. Maybe you don't have a mower. Maybe your's is in getting serviced. Or maybe for your health you can't get out and do it. I get all of that. I normally have someone who mows my lawn. I didn't hear from him at all in March or early April. I needed to mow. I didn't want to be that person. My mower hadn't been used in years and I know there was no way to get it serviced now. Everyone was dropping theirs off and there was a huge wait. So that wasn't an option.

So I was hoping someone would ring my doorbell and offer to mow for me. You know it was a perfect time for someone to make some money. So trust me I get it that it sometimes happens. Don't let it for too long. If you have to post on Facebook that you are in need of someone to mow. I have done that before. It works. There are people who will help you.

I finally went out and bought a new mower to take care of my issue. I did then hear from my lawn guy...but I have a mower now. I, as a good neighbor couldn't wait. If you can't afford a new mower again take to social media. There are always people on those Buy, Sell or Trade sites that are selling mowers. Make it happen.

So here is why I am pleading for you to take care of mowing. There are a few reasons. Someone in your neighborhood may be needing to sell their house. People looking to buy do not want to move in if their neighbors are taking pride in their area. I know this. When I lived in Wolflin and had my house on the market I had two properties that needed to mow something fierce. I felt it was hurting me. The one property I just mowed for the owner. It was a rental property and empty at the time. So I helped him out. The other one was across the street and was a problem house. Nobody lived there. So I had to contact the city a few times to get them to make them take action. I didn't know who to contact there. So help out your neighbors.

Another reason is the safety of your area. I had a car explode recently in my neighborhood. Yes, you read that right. A car exploded. Huge flames. Had that car been in front of a house that didn't take care of their lawn it could have easily spread and maybe started a house fire too. The fire did burn the grass but just a small section. It could have been much worse.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Here is what the area looked like post fire. See how the road and grass are charred? Had that grass been out of control like their neighbors house the grass and possibly the house could have been gone.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

So mow! Please mow! Or find someone to mow. Your neighborhood will greatly appreciate you.