This seems like a never ending occurrence it's time to help my daughter move again. This has been yearly since she originally moved to the Dallas area. We were hoping that this year we could skip it for once.

She originally moved with a friend to the Plano area. She wanted to move to the Dallas area to become a flight attendant. That was her dream. She started the interview process early last year. She had a really great interview with one airline and the talk moved to training in another state. That was the day before the NBA shut down with the pandemic.

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She already had the move planned to move closer to the airports. She was making plans that weren't meant to be in 2020. She moved and everything was shut down. She lost her job waiting tables due to covid and when they finally opened back up it was too far of a drive. She decided on a new career. She is now a fitness trainer.

She wants to now leave all of 2020 behind by moving to a new place that doesn't have those long covid days in her memory. I don't blame her. So here we are making plans. Finding apartments.

I am also learning to find ways to make moving easier. I do always hire movers. I feel that us moving her ourselves is not something we can do. She has a washer/dryer and lives on the 2nd floor. That is a big no for me.

She is going through the process of collecting boxes from her work but we are needing bigger ones. So I am ordering a bunch to have delivered to her house. That will free me up from having to haul to Dallas at the end of the month. I got a bunch of large boxes and a few wardrobe boxes. I just am learning now to break those down after this move and bring them home with me for the next time.

I also ordered moving stickers so we can place them on each box so we will know which room to unpack. I only have a couple days over the weekend so I have to make this as efficient as possible. I will still need to find time to help her hang curtains and decorate her home with pictures. That is another process I really hate but I think I may have found some items to help make that easier too.

To Be Continued......

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