This can be bad news for me....since I work 3 jobs. I work here at Mix 94.1....Happy State Bank and for the Amarillo Bulls. So can working too hard be bad?

You know at a job interview you get asked to list your strengths. You may say that you come in to work too early....stay late and work too hard.

Well that actually could be your weakness.....not a strength.

According to a new study it's bad for your career if you work too hard.

During their research they found that people who are too intense at their job and end up putting in extra long hours....they actually wound up more stressed and more much that their work suffered.

So basically whatever you gain by working so hard is actually ruined by the fact that your results aren't that good. Oh and yeah don't try sucking up to your boss because that actually makes you worse at your job too.

So apparently the best thing you can do for your career is work hard but not TOO hard.

OK....I feel a bit better because I feel I do work hard at all 3 of my jobs.....just not the annoyingly amount. How about you? Do you work hard too?

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