It's exciting to have football back. Whether you are following high school, college or the NFL it is that time of year that there is always a game. Heading out to an area high school game you can be watching some future NFL heroes.

That is what brings me to the fact that we have some great talent in the area. We have players being recognized all over the state. Texas HS Football has come out with a list of the Top 25 Texas High School Football Players. They have a list for both 5A and 4a.

There happens to be a total of 4 players total on the two lists. There are 3 in 4A and one in 5A. Now you can vote to pick your favorite in each list. The three in 4A all come from Canyon. Our lone 5A player is from Tascosa High School.

They are wanting votes right now to see who is the best in each district. So who are you voting for. These are the names to watch:

In 4A:

Javin Cash, Canyon, Middle Linebacker

Kam Reagan, Canyon, Middle Linebacker

Dario Bressler, Canyon, Running Back

As of Monday morning Javin was in the middle of the pack. He had about 3% of the vote. Dario and Kam are right behind trying to make their move. There is still time to vote HERE. You can vote for two players.  I went to Canyon so I would love to see our players finish high up in this list.

In 5A:

Major Everhart, Tascosa, Running Back/Defensive Back

OK, now I have to be a little biased on the 5A vote. I have been friends with the Everhart's since my daughter played Club Basketball with Major's sister, Haliegh back in the day. Her father, Alonzo, and I are friends on Facebook too. So watching his son, Major, the past couple years has been fantastic. That is a name to watch. I told Charlie that at the beginning of the season. Take note of Major Everhart. He has been talking to college's for a while. The colleges showing interest are fantastic. The latest one that gave him a scholarship offer is Notre Dame.  I mean really.

credit: Alonzo Everhart
credit: Alonzo Everhart
credit: Tascosa Football
credit: Tascosa Football

This kid. He is the lone Amarillo representative in the vote for The Top 25 Texas High School Football Players in 5a. Major is a Running Back and Defensive Back. As of Monday morning he was in 2nd Place. Just under 100 votes separate him and the first place lead. There is time still to vote and represent the 806. You can vote HERE.

Let's help our local players out and VOTE. This is really cool for our area.

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