I'm going to start this off by saying I am a HUGE Atlanta Braves fan. I am sorry Astros fans this is just the way it is. It has been since the early nineties thanks to TBS covering pretty much all of their games.

I have been to a Playoff game back in 2001 when it was Greg Maddux vs. Randy Johnson in Arizona. Heck I have had several dogs named Chipper. Thanks to my daughter's love of Chipper Jones. The Braves have been a part of my home for decades. So allow me this special moment.

Heck allow ALL of Amarillo to have this special moment as we have a local boy on the roster now. I am SO excited. I just read about Tascosa's Tucker Davidson being moved up to the active roster. I hate the reason it happened. Charlie Morton, broke his leg last night, oh and is such a bad A that he went on to pitch to several Astros with that broken leg. Though he is now out for the rest of the season.

That leaves room on the roster for Davidson. What is funny, since I follow him on several platforms, and my daughter went to school with him, I wanted to message him. I wanted to know the likelihood of him getting a ring if the Braves won the series. He got injured earlier in the season after a couple of really great starts. So I really wasn't sure of his status.

credit: Amarillo ISD
credit: Amarillo ISD

Heck now I know. He will be in Houston tonight and for the rest of the season. I hate that it took Morton being out for the season for this to happen, I really do. I am just excited as someone from Amarillo to know Tucker may end up with a ring. Hey Tucker, when you get home, I want to see and wear that ring at least once!

- Forever an Atlanta Braves Fan

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