Every year I try to plant a garden in my back yard. I have a small area to plant in......where the dogs can't get to.

Every year I plant some tomatoes and jalapenos. Those are my must haves. Other than that I switch it up. Sometimes I plant cucumbers, zucchini, squash, cantaloupe, onions or potatoes. It just depends what plants I find on the shelf.....and my mood.

The thing is I look forward to my jalapenos being ready. I love spicy. I really do! I was really surprised this year to find Ghost Peppers at the store. So....of course I had to buy a plant.

I really hope they grow. Ghost Peppers are supposed to be REALLY hot! So....when I bring them up here to work...I hope I get some takers to try them with me.

The suspense will be whether my garden survives while I am on vacation. Whether my daughter waters enough while I'm gone.....

To Be Continued.........

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