So a few weeks back I was scrolling through Facebook like I tend to do. Sometimes it is so I can find out what is going on around Amarillo.

Other times, let's face it, I'm just trying to get through the day. I stumbled across THIS event in the Dallas area. I thought to myself that I really love pickles. I love drinking the pickle juice.

I love Pickle Pizza (the Freddie Mercury at Fire Slice Pizzeria). Oh and I had a fabulous Cucumber Pickle Chilton at Texas Firehouse. I will try anything pickle related.

I really wanted my daughter to travel to Fort Worth that day and try the varieties of Best Maid Pickle Beers. It just sounded like a must do. She, unfortunately had to work.

Now when I am at the grocery store I do always buy the Best Maid Pickles. I wanted my mom to try the XTreme Hot (one of my absolute favorites) when I was in Arizona. I didn't realize you couldn't buy them there. I didn't know you could only get them in the great state of Texas.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM


I should have known though. But I never noticed the "Locally Made" sign until I got back in town. Best Maid definitely my favorite.

To know that they had a Pickle Beer event really intrigued me. I didn't get to go. I was a little down about that. Though, as luck would have it, I saw my friend Cody Blair post about their new addition. Cody owns the Fire Slice Pizzeria at 34th & Coulter. It is located in the back alley of the Summit Shopping Center. They are just down from Chop Chop.

Credit: Fire Slice Pizzeria Facebook

So this is on my agenda for this weekend. I will keep you posted on the outcome. I will be lunching on my Freddie Mercury Pizza (pickle and bacon pizza) I will enjoy it with my newly acquired Pickle Beer. Cheers!