This is what I love about our community. Something tragic happens and we come together to help out our own. Every single time.

Fire Slice Pizzeria (located in the Summit Shopping Center - 34th & Coulter - in the alleyway) is stepping up and helping out Family Support Services after their fire last month. The fire destroyed the building but not the hope and spirit it provides those in crisis.

In fact, Fire Slice every month helps out a non-profit. This month they want to help out FSS. So here is the thing. We are getting close to Mardi Gras and we all want that perfect King Cake. It's so yummy. So get over to Fire Slice and order yours today. For each one ordered $1 will go help out Family Support Services. This is going on all month long. Oh and since it IS Leap Year you will even get an extra day to help out.

Fire Slice

So grab your friends and go grab lunch, dinner or even their weekend and Monday brunch. Make sure you grab a slice of King Cake. Feel good about it. Feel good that you will be helping Family Support Services.


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