Let's face it, a lot of work goes into preparing the perfect Thanksgiving Dinner.  By the time you get it all cooked after spending hours in the kitchen, the meal is over in less than 30 minutes.  Then you have to deal with the clean up.  Who likes that?  Yuck!  It is usually the person who cooked the meal stuck in the kitchen cleaning everything up.  Well what if I told you that there are multiple places in Amarillo that can have your Thankgiving Dinner already cooked?   Here's some places where you can get your pre-made Thanksgiving Dinner.

Stephanie Frey
Stephanie Frey

They offer full dinners for your Thanksgiving that range from Turkey to Ham. 

Furrs offers a large selection of meals for your Thanksgivng that you can have pre-made.  Don't forget about their awesome pies.

They have several choices available for your Thanksgiving meal.

Eat-Rite Offers Organic Thanksgiving meals

Not only are they serving Thanksgiving in their restaurant,  they have Thanksgiving to Go.  It starts with a meal that serves up to 6.

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