You have out of town friends coming to visit. What is one of the places they look to want to go visit? We have several places that need to be visited. We take them out to Palo Duro Canyon. If it is in season then how about checking out The Musical Drama Texas?

Another big spot is Cadillac Ranch. It has been featured in many songs. We have had music videos, such as one by Brooks and Dunn, shot with those caddies as the backdrop. People go out and love to check it out and even leave a temporary piece of themselves out there. You know the spray painting and all.

So it just makes sense that while people are out there they think it may be a good place to have some food available too. Sometimes it is just people with a fast stop to check it out and spray paint their names. So food would be a good idea. There are many people that visit it each and every week. So why not.

I saw a post from Bill Brumley, GM of Cadillac Ranch in a Food Truck group here in Amarillo stating just that:

We are looking for food trucks that would like to come out to the Cadillac Ranch! Over 1k visitors on weekdays and over 2k on weekends. Through may we will be allowing food trucks to come for free while we see how much sales y’all get then starting in June there will be a percentage based fee.

I think this is great because Food Trucks will have even more opportunity to get us hungry folks fed. Hey, it's even better for us because we will know another stop to add to our busy weekend to find a food truck. It can be a win-win situation.

If you know an owner of a great food truck here in Amarillo let them know.

Check Out The Original Names For These Amarillo Streets

It's hard to imagine these well-known Amarillo streets as any other name. Try to imagine giving directions to someone while using their original names. Gets tricky, doesn't it?

The new names (that we currently know them by) came mostly from associates of Henry Luckett, who drew the first map of the area. When this took place exactly, records do not show, but the street name revamp is covered extensively in 'Old Town Amarillo' by Judge John Crudgington, published in the Plains Historical Review in 1957.

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