You hate to see it. The Canyon Police Department recently put out information on Facebook regarding a stolen vehicle in the area. That vehicle came from Doves Rest Resorts. Now, Canyon Police Department needs your help in finding it.

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You'd Think It Wouldn't Be Hard To Spot

Doves Rest Resorts rents out cabins at Palo Duro Canyon. Their properties offer scenic views and plenty of amenities so you can take in the beauty of the canyon without melting in the Texas panhandle heat.

You can gather all of the information I just gave you...from the van that was stolen.

The thing about this van is that it is completely wrapped. It has Doves Rest Resorts written in giant letters across big fluffy clouds above a beautiful shot of two chairs overlooking Palo Duro Canyon.

It's not exactly going to "blend in"; if you know what I mean.

If You Happen To See This Unmistakable Van, Call Authorities

On the Facebook post made by Canyon Police Department, more than one person already commented on seeing the van. It's unmistakable.

It's not like there are a ton of vans rolling around with pictures of Palo Duro Canyon plastered to the side.

You are encouraged, if you happen to spot this van that sticks out like a sore thumb, to contact authorities. The Canyon Police Department urges you to contact (806) 655-5005 with any information.

Hopefully, the van is found before anything more unfortunate happens to it. I still can't wrap my mind around taking off in a van like that (pun not intended).


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