You have to love the interesting activities you can find at Palo Duro Canyon. There are all kinds of special guided hikes and tours that introduce you to some of the greatest sights that the great outdoors have to offer. Some of them creep me out.

If you're into "hunting" for creepy crawlies, you should check out Palo Duro Canyon.

Palo Duro Canyon Offers A Buffet Of Interesting Activities

There's a lot to do at the Palo Duro Canyon State Park. It's worth checking out their Facebook page to stay up on all the latest and greatest when it comes to events they have coming up.

There's everything from the first hike (which my family participated in this year and it was great), to special guided hikes showing off the many spectacular sights of the canyon.

Some of the ones that pique my interest the most are the night hikes. They're not only informative, but the view of the sky at night from the canyon just can not be beat.

However, there are some events that I'm sure are fantastic, but they give me the willies.

There's A Scorpion "Scavenger Hunt" Coming Up, If You're Into That Kind Of Thing

I'm not. I'll be honest. The thought of purposefully looking for one of nature's most creepy looking crawling things, is one that I just can't wrap my brain around.

You'll go on a guided hike after being taught how to look for scorpions. They recommend bringing a UV flashlight if you have one.

I love all creatures. That doesn't mean we have to be up close and friendly. Scorpions can go their way, I'll go mine, and we'll all be happy for it.

I do think it would be fun to see a scorpion in the wild using a UV light. I do think it is the kind of experience I would look back on and say, "yup...that's a thing I did" and probably smile about it.

I also know that my shiver-wiggle-make weird noises-reflex is strong.

If you think this is the kind of thing that would be classified as a fun family outing for you and yours, you can find out more by following this link.

Then email me and let me know how it went after.

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