Here’s a look at some notable birthdays being celebrated today:

Gary Busey

Age: 68

Occupation: Actor

Known For: Being the chiclet-toothed Oscar-nominated star of ‘The Buddy Holly Story,’ making regular appearances on TV shows including ‘Gunsmoke,’ ‘Walker, Texas Ranger,’ ‘Law & Order’ and ‘Entourage,’ a long arrest record, and a well-publicized 1988 motorcycle accident in which he wasn’t wearing a helmet

Nicole Scherzinger

Age: 34

Occupation: Singer and Dancer

Known For: Acting as lead vocalist for the Pussycat Dolls hit singles like ‘Don’t Cha’ and ‘Buttons,’ winning the 10th season of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ and recently being booted from her spot as a judge on the US version ‘The X Factor’ but picking up a gig judging the UK version of the talent competition

Richard Lewis

Age: 65

Occupation: Comedian and Actor

Known For: His whiny stage persona and all-black outfits, appearances on TV shows such as ‘Anything But Love’ and ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ movie roles in ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights’ and ‘Leaving Las Vegas,’ and being ranked on Comedy Central’s list of 100 Greatest Standups of All Time

Fred Grandy

Age: 64

Occupation: Actor and Politician

Known For: Nine seasons playing Gopher on ‘The Love Boat,’ regular appearances on other shows such as ‘Maude’ and ‘Match Game,’ four terms in the US House of Representatives, and later serving as the president and CEO of Goodwill Industries

Colin Hay

Age: 59

Occupation: Singer and Songwriter

Known For: Being the frontman for the 1980s Aussie band Men at Work, known for hit singles including ‘Who Can It Be Now?,’ ‘Down Under,’ ‘Be Good Johnny’ and ‘Overkill’

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