We all have those people in our lives that we don't like or maybe we just love to prank people.  Either way, there's a service that can help you do just that for just $9.99.  They will send an envelope full of glitter.


Yes, you read that right glitter.  Think about it, glitter is evil.  Yes, it makes cute crafts, but it is also the dandruff of crafting.  It gets everywhere and you can't get it to go away.  It gets in your clothes, your hair, your carpet, your furniture.   EVERYWHERE!  So what better way to prank someone.

The service is called Ship Your Enemies Glitter.

So how does it work?

You visit their website (WARNING: their website does contain a ton of profanity)

You put the name and address of the person you don't like or the person you want to prank.

You make the purchase.

They send the glitter.

The person opens the envelope and gets glittered.  It comes with a note, but judging by the website, it probably isn't very nice.

It's anonymous so they won't know who sent it!

This is a Australian company so take it for what its worth.

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