I have made it this far without getting really sick! Yes, a sinus infection may have gotten me but I mean a knock me on my bottom sickness. Knock on wood. I know!

Did you know it is possible to “catch” RSV as an adult? Seriously. Did you? Did you know ear infections are contagious too? All things I was "today" old when I learned it! Yes!

Crazy! I have a coworker who was out most of last week. She made it back to work yesterday. I asked her how she was feeling and what was wrong. She said she was diagnosed with having RSV! Here in Amarillo as an adult!

I seriously didn’t know that was a thing! I have heard of babies coming down with RSV! But a grown adult? Not something I was familiar with. Apparently if you already have a weakened immune system and you are around kiddos with RSV you too can get it!

Same thing with an ear infection! Mind blown! Didn’t know that was contagious either. I pride myself on not getting sick...again knock on wood. I may get the “sexy Phoebe” voice from time to time....but don’t stay home too often! Now I know that RSV and an ear infection could be added to the germs trying to get to me!

Did you know you could come down with RSV and an Ear infection by being around others with it? Or is it just me? Take a second and comment below!




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