There have been some really crazy cold temperatures around the country this winter. I mean really freezing cold.

When with the wind chill people are seeing around -30 I would say it has got to get better.

Our bodies have some functions it does to help us when it's cold. Here are some strange things our bodies do in the freezing cold.

Our body immediately redirects blood away from your hands and feet and towards your vital organs. As soon as that brutally cold air hits you that is when your blood vessels contract. It is your body's way of keeping your core temperature up. Oh and your hands and feet cold.

You also tend to get goosebumps in the cold. All mammals fluff up their body hair when it is cold outside, even us humans. Since this whole evolution thing has happened and we don't have much body hair our bodies have to do something. Well what it does is the tiny muscles around your follicles start to contract. That is what goosebumps are. Oh and what they do. They are trying to keep you warm.

In light of the polar vortex this season when the temperatures go to the extreme you could actually go temporarily blind. This is because when your body temperature falls far enough, the blood vessels in your eyes take a hit. They start to contract. That contraction can make you go blind, but just temporarily. Scary but true.

Keep an eye out for the second half of this list tomorrow!

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