I know we are looking at reaching over one hundred degrees again today in the Texas Panhandle. That is ok it will be cool in Canyon. I promise. Last week they kicked off June Jams.

It is a fun and free evening of hanging in Canyon and listening to great music. This week Monarch will be hitting the stage. I see that they play a lot all over the area. So if you haven't seen them yet tonight is a perfect chance.

They play a lot of great cover songs so you will be guaranteed to sing and maybe even dance along. Dancing is allowed and even encouraged. June Jams kicks off at 7:30pm tonight and will continue until 9:30pm so a fun evening in Canyon. Just head to Neblett Park, which is just off The Square - 506 16th Street. You won't miss the stage.

Oh and I would definitely love to see you out there. See I will be up on the stage introducing the band and making all the important announcements. So I would be ever so grateful to see you.

credit: Canyon Main Street Facebook Page
credit: Canyon Main Street Facebook Page

June Jams kicked off last Thursday and will continue every Thursday through the month of June. So you still have time. I just think that this week is as good as any. I mean it's sure going to feel like summer. Just bring plenty of water. Or bring a cooler of beer. You will want a chair to sit in. Or at least a blanket to throw on the ground. I just know it's going to be a fun evening in Canyon and I am really hoping to see you there. - Melissa

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