It's lunchtime and your coworkers invite you out to lunch. You want to go....but you are trying to diet! What do you do?

Do you ever wonder why dieting is so hard? We hate to be deprived of anything. So the one thing you need to stop doing is to diet.

Yes you may have goals.....and goals are good. Have you ever decided to make a lifestyle change toward healthier foods.....not saying no to everything.

It sounds simple foods that are not bad for you.....and even eat smaller portions.

Load up on proteins like chicken and fish. Also remember to eat those veggies like your mom always said. Your body will thank you for that.

It's OK to have those fries.....or pizza...say yes to lunch with your coworkers.....just limit the amount of bad food you have. Try to make healthier choices. If you have a bad weekend and go way off your healthy's OK. Just make sure you start back up.

Where is your favorite lunchtime place to head to with your coworkers? What is your go-to healthy meal? Comment below.


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