I had logged onto Facebook Monday night just to check on what was going on in the world and the first three posts I saw were about dinner selections and those dinner selections were spaghetti.  Then I made a post on the fact that people were having a conversation about what was for dinner.  Come to find out at least 7 people on my Facebook had spaghetti Monday night.

Is that just a strange coincidence?  Spaghetti is an easy fix in the kitchen because it is a 3-4 step process and that process is quick.  Kids like spaghetti, adults like spaghetti,  but why Monday, why spaghetti?  That got me thinking.


Do people plan their weekly meals?  Is Monday spaghetti night, Tuesday chicken night, does Friday become pizza night? I was curious so I asked the same friends what they do for their dinnertime meals.

Amy said that her family has two nights a week where the menu is set.  It's pizza night on Thursday and Nacho's on Monday.

Becky said that her meals are planned by whatever meat just happens to be in the freezer.

Megan said that she doesn't like to repeat meals every week and she tries to leave a least a 3 week space before cooking the same dinner again.

Ryan says he and his wife eat similar foods often but not on the same nights each week.


So it appears Dinner is a random choice and not a set menu in most homes.  I guess Monday night was a freak coincidence with so many people having spaghetti.

That sounds like a delicious plan for tonight, but then again, I have planned Taco Stack for the menu tonight in my house.  Hmmmm, I wonder how many people will be eating Taco Stack as well.

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