Most of us in the panhandle can satisfy our cravings. BBQ? Sure. Tacos? Absolutely. But, what if, you are craving something, that is no longer made?

I'm craving a cookie, Not just any cookie, but a "Dutch Apple Cookie?" I think they were made by Keebler and I haven't seen them anywhere, since high school. They are amazing; the taste of apple, rolled in cinnamon, and more sugar than any adult needs.

It's my fault really as I took them for granted. I just ...assumed they would be made and sold forever. I can see the bag, right now. White with red stripes and just full of chewy goodness.

I have Googled...I have Binged...I've looked and looked and I can't even find a picture of them, or the bag, anywhere on the Internet. Of course, that makes me want them even more. In fact, I must have them.

Do you remember them? I swear, I can taste them, right now. I have seen several recipes for "Dutch Apple Cookies" on the 'net but they don't look the same as to what I remember.

Do you remember them? Do you have a recipe? You are welcome to comment below and if you have a recipe for those exact cookies, I will become your best friend forever. Just imagine never paying for concert tickets, ever again.

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