There were nine people, including me, that made up the Class of '75 at Tornillo High School. We asked our Senior sponsor to be in the official class picture with us. Two of us, have gone now, so there are seven of us left. It might as be 70, as hard as it is to plan a reunion.

Tornillo released it's football scheduled last week, and I thought, it would be a good time for a class reunion. We haven't all been together since graduation night in '75. You would think the schedule of the 7 of us, and our Senior sponsor. would be easy to juggle.

None of the seven, still live in Tornillo. We're scattered all over Texas, but social media has allowed us to stay in touch. Five, of the nine of us, went to school with each other, all 12 years.

You may have heard of the small Texas town of Tornillo recently, as it turned out to be where undocumented immigrant children are kept. Of course, nothing like that went on when we were still in high school there. I mean..nothing. El Paso, was 40 minutes away, and that's where the movies, concerts, and things to do were.

Well. homecoming is out. Someone has a wedding. The next home game is out as well. The next is the first of December, and no one wants to travel near Christmas. Gotta save those $$$. September? Too soon. So, we'll blow off a football game, and just pick a weekend. It seems 8 people, can't settle on one weekend from the end of September until December. This can't be this hard.

Last night, I started a "Group Conversation" and asked everyone to submit two weekends, between now, and next May, that they are open. Why this has fallen to me, I don't know. But, I am determined to put eight of the people, in the same room, before the end of the Trump administration.

We'll decide where to eat, once we all get there. Have you ever put together a class reunion? Leave some tips below. I could use them!


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