First we learned earlier this summer that Whataburger was sold to a company out of Chicago, Illinois. Being from Chicago and growing up in Texas.....I knew this was going to be a big deal.

Don't mess with Texas. Don't mess with Whataburger right? Well over the weekend I saw something new that made my heart stop.

I read where some of the Allsup's were being sold and re-branded. Read about it HERE. Now I know that this is only 9 of the over 300 stores that were sold. I also know that not one of the stores sold were here in the Texas Panhandle.

This doesn't mean that it won't happen at some point. I used to work at Affiliated Foods, where Lonnie Allsup was on the board. He sadly passed away back in 2018. I know Lonnie would be rolling over in his grave about any of his stores being changed. I used to joke with him about how his burritos got me through high school. As there was an Allsup's across the street from the then Canyon High School. I spent many lunches there.

I know those burritos, or gut bombs are horrible for you. That is not the point. They are fabulous. Those and their chimichangas.......I mean bad for you or not they were a staple for a lot of us growing up. They still are. I can't deal if I don't have the option of grabbing one when I head out of Amarillo.

Don't change any of our Allsup's to a Hop-in Convenience Store. Don't take away any of our burritos. Or that great Taco Sauce I would slather on my burrito. Just don't do it!


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