I’ve missed baseball so much I found myself watching and old Astro’s game on ESPN Classic from 1986. It didn’t quench my thirst. There is a lack of live sports on TV, except corn hole. Yawn. Even locally here in Amarillo sporting events from our cities teams have been halted leaving venues empty of players and fans.

The City Of Amarillo’s Athletic Supervisor Cody Wolfe has come up with a great alternative. E-Sports, video competitions that are live online, and they are coming to Amarillo and your device and Smart TV’s soon.

Wolfe told our media partner KVII:

 "The fact that the city of Amarillo sees that community and is giving them a place to play competitively where usually it's in bigger markets like Dallas or Houston that you'd be able to do that," said Wolfe. "I think people appreciate that. There are no exclusions on systems, so if you have a Nintendo Switch or a computer, there’s a game for you says Wolfe. Games like Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, Madden, Fifa, Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo Switch.”

Registration to join is on now until June 27, player fees vary based on the minimum number of games you can play. You can register to play at Mission Control online to get started. Be sure to search for Amarillo E-Sports. Mission Control is set out to gather and grow communities with digitally organized social experiences that drive connection through shared passions and playful competition. They do this through recreational e-sports, and now we can as well in Amarillo.



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