As a little girl, I remember my family loading up in the car and driving to Amarillo to go to the movies.  That was a big deal back then since Hereford didn't have a theater.  We came to watch E.T.   It was a great movie, but I was so little I fell asleep in the middle of the movie and when my mom woke me up after it was over I cried for an hour because I didn't get to see E.T. go home.  Now, that opportunity is back because E.T. returns to the big scree for 2 days only and we have your tickets.

Thirty-five years after E.T. was released it returns to theaters nationwide for 2 nights only.  Steven Spielberg's classic movie will be in theaters, September 17th and 20th.

The world fell in love with an alien who just wanted to phone home.  We followed the story of Elliot as he persuaded E.T. to come out of hiding with Reese's Pieces and the whole world fell in love with this little alien.

We are once again teaming up with Fathom Events, Turner Classic Movies and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment to give you a chance to see the re-release of E.T. on the big screen.

TCM/Universal Entertainment/Fathom Events
TCM/Universal Entertainment/Fathom Events

We want to send you and a guest to relive E.T. on the big screen.

To win a pair of tickets all you have to do is text the work ET to 806-320-0994 and you'll be entered to win.

Relive your childhood or even share this with your kids, it's ET on the big screen.



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