Becoming a first-time mom is an amazing experience.  You want everything to be perfect for your new bundle of joy.

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When it comes to becoming a new mom, is location an important choice?  Is Amarillo a good place to become a new mom?

When becoming a new mom you have to account for so many things, the cost of giving birth, where you are going to give birth, the cost of daycare, the cost of babysitters, and the cost of raising a baby in today's society, among other things.

Since Mother's Day is this Sunday, LawnStarter conducted a study to find the best and worst cities to be a new mom.

Where did Amarillo rank in this cross-country study?

Out of 180 total cities, here's where Amarillo ranked in the different categories

Overall: 116
Maternity Care: 34
Childcare: 146
Mom Protection: 116
Affordability: 39
Social Support: 91
Socioeconomics: 113
Home and Outdoor Environments: 14

Amarillo ranked #1 for the lowest babysitting hourly rates.  

Orange California was ranked #1 for the best place in the US to be a new mom, while Detroit, Michigan came in last.

How did Amarillo fare compared to the rest of Texas?

We were in the top 5 for Texas.

If it makes you feel better, Lubbock didn't even make it in the top 180.

When it comes to being a new mom, I know you want the best for your child.  Even though it's nice to see the perfect city to be a new mom, know that it's about the love and nurturing you give your child.  Where you call home, is going to be the perfect place for your child.

Yes, things are going to be different across the country, but Amarillo is a great place to raise a family.  I cannot imagine raising my son anywhere else.

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