Yes you read that right! If you have issues with your hearing this could be good news. Oh and being in radio I am pretty sure I am in this category.

All those years of blaring the music could actually have been OK. Well now you have a way to help not lose anymore hearing.

There is some good news to celebrate. Mom always told us to turn down that music. Part of that was maybe because she really didn't want to hear your music. The other part is she really was trying to protect those ears and your hearing!

There has been research to back this up but apparently it was found that people who regularly ate chocolate saw a 27% decrease in that ever important hearing loss. This sounds almost too good to be true.

The theory behind this is that the antioxidants that we find in chocolate actually helps to protect against hearing loss. So that is some good news.

If we needed any other reason to chow down on a bar or too. Oh and with Easter coming this weekend there will be plenty of chocolate to go around.

Maybe if mom tells you to stop eating so much of your candy it might be a good time to show her this. Mom wants you to be able to hear well throughout your years. This is a good start!


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